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System Biology

Better System. Better Balance.

Better Health.

Systems biology uses algorithms to measure body system balance in a holistic “real-life” forecast. We measure six Systems key to fertility health.​

The morefertile® Personal Fertility Profiles (PFPs) use Systems Biology technology to identify the main issues reducing health and fertility and offer tailored guides to increase the chances of healthy children.

The morefertile® PFPs are:

  • Based on tried and tested frameworks
  • Backed by research
  • Adapted for 21st-century living

There is a lot of variation in the age, medical history, energy levels and hormone balance of men trying to conceive, so they have different needs and challenges. A “one approach for all” strategy is clumsy and simplistic, and while some situations need specific interventions, when this isn’t the case, what raises one person’s fertility doesn’t work for everyone and may do harm.

How does it work?

The PFP analysis revolves around the answers to a series of questions connected to different biological systems. Three layers of logic calculate the significance of the six factors known to reduce male fertility for each person.

The main features of each PFP are outlined, and ALL users get their main PPF for FREE. Further information on PFPs and how to adjust them, access to tests, treatments and more comes with morefertile® membership.


The PFPs simplify a complicated problem by giving clear guidance on how women can improve their personal fertility health with diet, lifestyle advice and supplementation. When couples with unexplained infertility have herbal treatment based on this framework, their odds of conceiving are: i

“about 3x greater than with conventional Western medicine…or IVF.”


All morefertile® members get further personalised information to help them have healthy babies, including:

  1. A “rating” for your primary PFP
  2. A “rating” for your secondary PFP (if you have one)
  3. Access to our range of tests
  4. Advice on which tests are likely to be appropriate
  5. Personalised Diet advice
  6. Personalised Exercise advice
  7. Personalised Lifestyle advice
  8. Stress and ANS balance advice
  9. Discounts on products
  10. Access to herbal products

Six Fertility Profiles

The six morefertile® PFPs are named to reflect their imbalances:

We explain how each PFP can develop and offer clear advice on improving them. The PFPs focus is on fertility, but they have broader health and wellbeing applications for everyone, and the morefertile® PFP advice offers:

  1. Greater understanding of your situation
  2. Higher pregnancy rates
  3. Shorter times to get pregnant
  4. Ways to better health
  5. Less emotional and financial stress

Join now, learn about your PPF and take positive steps to being more fertile.


i Efficacy of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine in the management of female infertility: A systematic review. K. Ried, K. Stuart. Complementary Therapies in Medicine (2011) 19, 319—331
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