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About Us

The Morefertile® Story


At morefertile, we believed there was a better way to help people get pregnant. A less confusing, more personal way to provide each person with clear information and path to greater fertility.


Our passion for this project has become obsessive, creative and time-consuming.


The Beginnings


The concept was born in 2011, based on a post-grad diploma in women’s health and designed to be a relatively simple guide to raising fertility. However, the complexity of the subject, perfectionist traits, innovative ideas and no outside funding meant a long lead time.


Our Goals


Our aim is to offer ethically and scientifically sound options to anyone wanting to raise health and fertility. A comprehensive free database on fertility health and infertility conditions lies at the core of this. We’ve extended our research into mainstream and complementary treatment options, self-help and nutrition.


Personal Health and Fertility


Personalised medicine is the new cutting edge, and our Fertility Profiles simplify the best way to pregnancy in a ground-breaking way. Based on systems biology research into pregnancy outcomes, we’ve created the first client-based analysis in the fertility field.


The Team

The morefertile® team have personal experience of many of the challenges of pregnancy, and while personal stories are powerful, this site is meant to support you more than tell our story. We’ve done our best to provide clarity in an uncertain world and believe morefertile® will help you and your family grow as naturally as possible.

About morefertile®


Morefertile® has been conceived, researched, written, and created by a small and dedicated team. We are self-funded, passionate, have no hidden agenda, and have taken over ten years to bring it to life.

The project has morphed from a simple “help in getting pregnant guide” to expertise on fertility conditions and personalised profiles. These dramatically increase the chances of getting pregnant and having healthy children.

We believe the site works best without a “Guru” figure to front it. It’s a supportive, factual site that covers all the bases, and then some more.

Morefertile® has been created to provide clarity in an uncertain world, excellence as standard, and facts, not fantasies to help you and your family grow as naturally as possible.