Systems Biology

Systems Biology


Better System. Better Balance.

Better Health.

Systems biology uses algorithms to measure body system balance in a holistic “real-life” forecast. We measure six Systems key to fertility health.​

Personal Fertility Profiles

The morefertile® Personal Fertility Profiles (PFPs) are ground-breaking guides to improving personal fertility. People with the same condition may need different treatments to resolve it, and couples with “unexplained infertility” have few options available. The principles of the morefertile® PFPs are:

Based on a tried and tested framework used by herbalists.
Backed by research.
Adapted for 21st-century living.
What raises one person’s fertility won’t work for everyone and may do harm. People trying to conceive vary in age, medical history, energy levels and hormone balance. They have different needs and challenges, and a “one approach for all” strategy is clumsy and simplistic.

How does it work?

Users answer a series of questions relating to biological systems that affect fertility levels. When couples with unexplained infertility have herbal treatment based on this framework, their odds of conceiving are: i

“about 3x greater than with conventional Western medicine…or IVF.”

The PFPs calculate imbalances in the health systems that can reduce the chances of parenthood. Everyone who fills in the form is told their main PFP for FREE.


All morefertile® members receive further personalised information to help them improve their fertility and the chances of a healthy baby, including:

An “importance rating” for your main PFP
An “importance rating” for your secondary PFP (if you have one)
Access to our range of tests
Advice on which tests are likely to be appropriate
Personalised Diet advice
Personalised Exercise advice
Personalised Lifestyle advice
Stress and ANS balance advice
Discounts on products
Access to herbal products
The morefertile® personalised approach explains your main challenges and how to remedy them in a clear and structured way. The morefertile® PFP system is a successful way to be healthier and more fertile.

Six Fertility Profiles

We have refined the various health system imbalances into six morefertile® PFPs, and their names reflect the imbalances:

We explain how each PFP can develop and provide clear advice on how to improve them. The PFPs are focused on fertility but have broader health and wellbeing uses, as healthy pregnancy outcomes rely on general health.

The morefertile® advice provides:

Better understanding of your situation
Higher pregnancy rates
Shorter times to get pregnant
Better health
Lower emotional and financial stress
Join now, discover your Personal Fertility Profile and take steps to being more fertile.