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Low Sperm Count Treatments

Treatments for low sperm count (oligospermia) need to match the cause of the condition, and raising personal health with Personal Fertility Profiles (PFPs) is often the most effective option. There are herbal supplements that raise testosterone and improve sperm production, and when these match the man’s PFP, it increases male fertility over 10x more than making lifestyle changes! i

Low sperm counts are often due to low testosterone levels and are an indicator of several important general health issues (and PFPs). Men will only find out they have oligospermia if they have semen samples tested, but they’re at significantly higher risk of the following life-changing conditions: ii

  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Osteoporosis or osteopenia
  • High BMI (body mass index) and waist circumference
  • High systolic blood pressure (and risk of cardiac events or stroke)
  • Elevated LDL “bad” and low HDL “good” cholesterol (and risk of cardiac events or stroke)
  • Insulin resistance (HOMA index) (and risk of diabetes)

Herbs are effective in treating low sperm counts and can regulate the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis that controls testicular function, especially the Sertoli and Leydig cells that make testosterone and sperm.  iii

PFPs and Low Sperm Counts

PFP Sperm numbers Semen and sperm features Other Issues Libido
Energy Low Many abnormal sperm, low motility. Cold in the day, possibly hot at night. A lack of motivation and general exhaustion.
Possible problems creating or maintaining an erection.
low libido icon 2758524
Energy &Blood Low Thin and clear semen Tired, weak limbs, lack of strength.
Palpitations, shortness of breath, anxiety, poor digestion.
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Hot Low Many abnormal sperm and small samples. Hot and sweaty at night.
Irritability that’s worse when tired. Over-busy mind, anxiety.
Possible problems creating or maintaining an erection or premature ejaculation.
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Cold Low Poor motility and morphology. Semen may be thin, watery and feel cold. There may be liquefaction issues. Cold, weak lower back and knees, aversion to cold, apathy. Weak erections, coldness and dampness of the genitals. Frequent urination of pale urine. Low
low libido icon 2758524
Fluids Low Abnormal morphology or liquefaction Sweaty, clammy or lumpy testes, high BMI, heavy limbs and lethargy. Nausea, stuffiness in the chest, non-postural dizziness, woolly-headedness. Loose stools (that may contain mucus) or mucus in the airways. Low
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Flow Low Many abnormal sperm and poor motility Varicocele, history of trauma to testes, distension or pain in the genital region. Moodiness Possible painful ejaculation, hard and tender lumps on the scrotum or testes. Low
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Photo by Yingchou Han on Unsplash