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PCOS has various causes, and the most successful way to reverse the condition depends on personal fertility dynamics. While many women with PCOS are Fluids PFPs, this isn’t universally true, and a wide range of factors affect women with the condition, and being specific makes all the difference to outcomes.

PCOS can develop in a multitude of ways, and pinpointing which PFPs are affecting you is the best way to get personalised support. The PFP advice is best used alongside the excellent research we provide on strategies to reverse PCOS. We believe the morefertile PFPs are the key to better health and greater fertility, and Premium membership identifies the top two PFP dynamics affecting personal fertility.

Premium morefertile® membership involves access to:

  1. Your primary and secondary PFP (if you have one) 
  2. A rating for each profile and what the combination means for you
  3. Natural treatment options for PCOS and endometriosis
  4. Clear dietary advice and recipes
  5. Lifestyle changes to raise energy
  6. Discounts on supplements
  7. Access to cutting-edge testing

We also outline the best ways for PFPs to adjust their weight and manage stress to improve monthly conception rates.

The different profiles have different challenges and needs, which is all part of the PFP discussion, along with personalised ways to improve fertility health, and the tests and treatments most likely to be appropriate for you.