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Natural Treatments for Endometriosis

Natural treatments for endometriosis are effective, have few side effects and revolve around diet, nutrition and herbs. Combinations of herbs have been used for centuries for the condition, and there is increasing research evidence to support their use. 


Research into herbal combinations to treat endometriosis shows significantly raised levels of cell death in lesions and reductions in:

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Cell proliferation

  • New blood supplies to lesions
  • Cell invasion
  • Cell attachment
  • Cell migration
  • Inflammation
  • Size of lesions
  • Immune abnormalities

Herbal treatments and other biologically active herbal compounds are proving highly effective in treating endometriosis. Herbs, especially tried and tested combinations of herbs, are proving effective in addressing the disease’s main drivers (inflammation, immune imbalance and excess estrogens).

Herbs are the basis of 70% of modern medicines and can have powerful biological effects, which is why we strongly advise consulting a qualified herbalist for a proper assessment and personalised prescription. Research into herbal combinations for endometriosis finds few adverse side effects and increased fertility rates, which are significant advantages over most conventional approaches for endometriosis.

Several well-known herbal combinations have been extensively researched into their effect on endometriosis, with the following results (bearing in mind some formulas have had more research than others):

Formula Reduce cell proliferation Reduce angio-genesis * Reduce cell invasion, attachment or migration
Formula #1
Formula #2
Formula #3
Formula #4
Formula #5

Formulas Continued

Formula Increase apoptosis** Reduce inflammation Reduce immune abnormalities Reduce lesion size
Formula #1
Formula #2
Formula #3
Formula #4
Formula #5

* angiogenesis is the growth of a new blood supply, ** apoptosis is “programmed cell death” where old, misplaced and unhealthy cells are “recycled” (around 10 billion cells a day in adult humans).

An analysis of 8 randomly controlled trials involving 844 patients with endometriosis found that herbal medicine significantly improved estradiol (E2) levels and ovarian function. There was no difference in whether the women had surgery, and no adverse events were reported, which indicates this herbal medicine is a safe treatment for endometriosis.  

Single herbs

Single herbs are less complicated to prescribe and research, and there is increasing evidence of their effectiveness in treating endometriosis. Nutritional and dietary changes reduce estrogen and promote immune health and are almost essential steps for all women with endometriosis who want to get pregnant. Morefertile® has collated research on medicinal herbs shown to be effective for endometriosis, and this is available to professionals and Premium members.


Research shows that dietary changes are more effective at managing and reversing endometriosis than medications when women are trying to conceive. i

There are clear connections between nutrition and endometriosis, and specific dietary factors make significant differences to the severity and progression of the disease.

(i) Huijs E, Nap A. The effects of nutrients on symptoms in women with endometriosis: a systematic review. Reprod Biomed Online. 2020 Aug;41(2):317-328. doi: 10.1016/j.rbmo.2020.04.014. Epub 2020 May 15. PMID: 32600946.
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